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About Us

We want to use unmanned aviation to make our world a better place.

Every day, aircraft fly thousands of miles transporting time-critical goods, surveying pipelines, monitoring waterways, inspecting crops, tracking livestock and recording environmental data.

But aviation has a problem. It takes a huge amount of fuel to fly a person safely. Its expensive, damaging to the environment, and ultimately unsustainable. And yet demand continues to grow.

At Flylogix, were pioneering new ways for aviation that bring together artificial intelligence, satellite communication and low-cost electronics to develop a new generation of smaller, more efficient, unmanned aircraft (UAVs).  

UAVs transform remote operations, dramatically reducing carbon emissions, improving safety and enabling new cost-effective services. We are the future of flight.

Our Ethos

What we do and how we do it

Always Pioneering

Stretching the possible, our pioneering team propel next-gen tech and advanced engineering to make UAV operations a reality anywhere in the world, delivering critical near-real time data at a breakthrough cost.

Tested and Tough

Pushing to the outer limits by continuously and rigorously testing our pioneering craft and systems to safely operate in the toughest conditions for the most exacting partners - no matter what.

Lightest Footprint

Not costing the Earth, our pioneering small UAV craft have a low carbon footprint, making it possible to routinely fly to and from the most remote locations with the least impact to the environment, human risk and budget.

Meet the Team

Pioneers in action

Our team are experts at stretching the possible. With knowledge and skills that span from oil, gas, wind energy, search & rescue, retail to formula one, they are pioneering and proving unmanned aircraft services as the way forward for aviation and a better world.

Flylogix Firsts

Our pioneering team conducted the first ever unmanned logistics flight between two commercial airports



Charles Tavner is the Chief Executive Officer at Flylogix. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the business. Charles was previously COO of the composite subsea pipe business, Magma Global, and has been a non-executive of a series of successful startups in the energy sector. Prior to that he led energy investments for IP Group plc and ran the medical device business at Cambridge Consultants. Charles has a Masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

Charles began his entrepreneurial career in aviation when he negotiated the sale of an English Electric Lightning from his bedroom age 14.



As the Chief Technical Officer, Robert Bowyer is responsible for ensuring that the engineering design and solutions deliver low-cost unmanned air services that are able to operate globally.

Robert has a DPhil in Control Engineering and over 20 years of experience in R&D and Product Development in a number of industries including Consultancy (CCL), Automotive (Red Bull F1, McLaren) and Energy (Vestas) with granted patents in each field.

Robert enjoys a challenge and the outdoors including sailing on the Broads, running and tennis. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the IET.



Sacha Nice is the Operations Director at Flylogix, responsible for all business operations. His 30-year career has focused on the Marine, Oil and Gas industries, where he is acknowledged for his expertise. Before this role, Sacha was Head of Manufacturing with Magma Global for over a decade, leading a large team that spanned raw material procurement to offshore product deployment. He has also worked as Manufacturing Manager for Schlumberger and Insensys Oil & Gas.
Sacha is a passionate sailor and has travelled the globe supporting yacht race teams and super yacht builds with some of the world’s most renowned yachtsmen and women. Today, he races his own dinghy on a more low-key scale.
Our Values

Our values drive everything we do and how we do everything


We have bold dreams and we work relentlessly to realise them.


We are diverse in our opinions and united in our decisions.


We succeed, fail and learn together.


We work to be first to prove, progress and improve.

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