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Global logistics are moving to meet the needs of the world as supply and demand for delivery increases.

But, with the cost to the planet and getting deliveries to remote locations, we need to re-imagine how urgent goods are moved around the world for the least impact.

Our lightest-footprint delivery services are enabling that to happen with small UAV craft remotely piloted via our Skyspace® ecosystems – all at breakthrough cost, with the least disruption and risk to people and the planet.




Reduction in emissions*


For rapid delivery

*compared to manned aviation equivalent

Low impact delivery to remote locations

Autonomous aviation

Automatic take-off and landing to reach isolated environments and remote island communities

Real-time tracking

Satellite-enabled technology to provide real-time tracking anywhere in the world

Low infrastructure

Flexible operation to land in airports or remote beaches without the need for infrastructure support


Robust aircraft engineered and tested for long-range operations

Case studies

Delivering success

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How much can you carry?

Current trial work has carried a payload of up to 10kg.  We will deploy our larger aircraft as required.

How much will it cost?

We’re pioneering, even on price.  By centrally controlling our fleet of aircraft through Skyspace® we can deliver for you in the most cost-effective way.

What will you carry?

We have carried goods from medical supplies and local produce to clothing and fresh flowers.

Pioneers in action

Flylogix Firsts

In 2020, we conducted the first ever unmanned flight between two commercial airports

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