Oil Spill Response

Project Details

  • Client: Oil Spill Response Ltd
  • Category: Capability Demonstration
  • Date: November 2019
  • Demonstration of live video to explore spill identification and verification
  • OSRL technical team on site to see operations first-hand

We are working with OSRL to explore how our long-range unmanned aircraft operating over the horizon can enhance the spill response process.

OSRL is the largest international industry-funded cooperative which exists to respond to oil spills globally by providing preparedness, response and intervention services delivered by a highly experienced and qualified global team of experts.

OSRL are the only global provider of oil spill response services with their own in-house aviation capability. They approached Flylogix to understand what role unmanned aviation could play to enhance their capabilities to identify and monitor spills.

The Flylogix team conducted a demonstration flight, mobilizing from Thorney Island. This included demonstration of live video feed, image capture and dynamic search patterns. The Flylogix operational and technical leads then facilitated a discussion to explore applications across spill identification, verification, quantification and monitoring. OSRL’s participation included their global experts in aviation, emergency preparedness and response operations.

This hands-on approach has highlighted a number of potential applications which could reduce time and cost in the spill response process. Unmanned aviation has the additional benefit of being producing 100 times less carbon emissions than manned alternatives due to the small size of the airframe required.

Flylogix’ focus on safety and risk management was exemplary and evident throughout every aspect of the operation, demonstrating their robust operating procedures throughout the mission. This is paramount across all offshore industries and critical to enabling the adoption of this exciting new technology.

Shane JacobsGlobal Aviation Manager